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New Zealand Student Visa News

There’s some good news for anyone wanting to study in New Zealand in the future. Earlier this month, Immigration New Zealand altered its Visa requirements for international students. It means you no longer have to supply full medical details in order to complete a successful application. The new rules come into place in July, so it’s great news for anyone who is planning on studying their next year. Tuberculosis screening will still take place.

Immigration New Zealand believe the new rules will reduce the cost and hassle for over 60,000 students who will save a combined total of around NZ$17 million a year in medical fees. The international education market in New Zealand is growing rapidly and is reportedly worth NZ$2.3 billion to the economy a year, and indirectly supports around 32,000 jobs. The Minister of Immigration in New Zealand, Nathan Guy, hopes these changes will “make it easier for low-risk, high-value students to come to New Zealand.”

New Zealand is becoming a favourite destination for many wanting to study abroad who want quality education at an affordable cost. Past students who studied in New Zealand will tell you how most universities there offer students a great experience. It recently announced investments for businesses in Canterbury which has only added to the student interest there. The investments, designed to drive growth amongst the areas worst hit by the earthquakes of 2011, have enticed even more international students to study there.

Before you buy your plane tickets though, be aware that New Zealand also require international students to have health insurance for their visa to be valid, but universities and colleges are already required to ensure they have this.

For more information on Studying in New Zealand and to search for courses you can read our Study in New Zealand directory.

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  • Raju Bye

    I want study Bible colleage in New zealand sir,

  • Zahidpakrao

    hmm its great news at least i would be able to save some as i am planning my P.hd in media studies from New Zealand. Thanks

  • Chanda

    i want to take MSE in New Zealand


    I think there are some good news for anyone who waiting and planning to study in New Zealand in the future. My point of view this is complete success for applicants. I think NewZealand provide better quality education in affordable cost. He is entirely right and also New Zealand required international student to have health insurance for their valid visa.

  • DRJ

    I have just applied about a week ago. I wonder if the new rulings could help relax existing medical rules on my application. I am a hep b carrier but have no significant problems so far. I have been working in countries like Singapore and Malaysia and have never been deemed a risk except in food industries where there might be a chance of infecting others. Also to note, almost everyone these days re vaccinated and newborns are being vaccinated as well. I hope this is reason enough not to exclude ppl like me from a normal life.

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